The Orthodox Youth Directors in North America welcome you!


This website is designed as a pan-orthodox resource for families, parents, and youth workers. You will find resources and programs designed in all the jurisdictions under the Assembly of Canonical Orthodox Bishops of the United States of America. If you know of resources or programs that should be on this site, please email us.

2024 Orthodox Camp Directors Town Hall Meetings

Open to any Camp Workers (directors, councilors) to discuss developing their camping ministry.  Registration is required...all we need is your name and email address.  To register click the links below.

March 26th, 7PM EST-Hiring Camp Staff

April 23rd, 12PM EST- All About Staff Training

May 21st, 7pm EST-How Camps Develop Summer Programs

September 10th, 12PM EST-2024 Summer Camp Review

October 8th, 7PM EST- Your Camps Liturgical Services and Prayer Life

November 12th, 12PM EST-Off-season Programming

December 10th, 7PM EST- Director/Supervisor Training

Please email Father Stephen if you are having trouble getting on the call:

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