Townhalls, Forums, and Webinars

Orthodox Camp Directors Townhall Gatherings

Monthly on Tuesdays at 12pm EST - while the need exists
2022 Schedule 
February 8th - March 1st - April 12th - May 10th 

Topic: Camp Town Hall
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2021 Youth Worker Forums

Held quarterly on Thursdays

2022 schedule

March 3rd - May 12th Keeping Connected to our Kids Through the Summer

2021 Youth Worker Webinars

Held quarterly on Tuesdays or Thursdays

2022 schedule 

March 22nd Spiritual Gifts - May 31st 

Past Webinars 

"The Healing Power of Beauty" with Dr. Tim Patitsas

Cultivating Beauty with Presbytera Krista West

The ART of of staying Mentally and Spiritually Healthy During the Coronavirus Video

We are very grateful to Fr. Chris Shadid for hosting the video the ART of Staying Mentally and Spiritually Healthy During the Coronavirus. This video is targeted towards teenagers and young adults, but we believe it could be helpful to faithful of any age. 

Webinar on Proactive Youth Formation with Fr. Nicholas Andruchow

Webinar on Discernment: What is true and beautiful? with Fr. Seraphim Aldea

Youth Worker Training Opportunities Webinar


Camp Staff Development Webinar 2020

Do Not Be Afraid: Youth Ministry Now


Youth Formation: Mentoring, Vocation, and Faith


Ministering to Our Campers with Special Needs


Parents: The Missing Piece of Your Youth Ministry


Keeping Your Camp Christ Centered