A Message of Unity from the Assembly of Bishops 


Prayer and Fasting

Akathist to the Mother of God For Our Youth

Liturgical Resources - Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of NA

8 Patron Saints of Healing - Romanian Orthodox Church

OCF Lenten Cookbook/OCF@Home - Video Series Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Fasting as a Family - Melissa Naasko

On-Line Learning Opportunities

Children's Catechism Video Series (for ages around 6-12) book by Fr. Micheal Shanbour 

All OCA Church School - Info is kept current 

Easy Ways to Protect Our Families From Online Hackers - Faithtree Learning

Faith, Hope and Love - Home Edition - Storytime and Daily Learning/Fellowship for youth of all ages -                                      Offered by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Office of Youth Ministry

On the Back Porch - Videos Interviews/Prayer/Faith - Fr. Anthony Perkins UOCofUSA

St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology - Several Classes Available

St. Emilia Homeschooling Ministry - Antiochian Orthodox Church

Soak up the Son - GOA Center for Family Care Summer Video Series

Youth Opportunities to Serve Others

Letters for NYC Medical Professionals - ACROD St. Nicholas Myra Orthodox Church

FOCUS North America Centers - Check with a FOCUS center near you. Many are in need of canned food, utensils and other items to distribute in the community.  If you do not have a FOCUS center in your community, check with your local food banks, Salvation Army or shelters.

Phone Calls, Pictures and Cards for Singles and Elderly - All of our parishes have beloved faithful who are elderly or living alone and unable to leave their homes.  A phone call, video chat, homemade card or picture of encouragement and love can go a long way.  

Lawn Care - Some of our elderly in our parishes or neighborhoods may need help cutting their lawn, weeding, etc.  Your youth could volunteer to help!  

Resources for Youth Workers

Please be sure to visit the MANY resources provided on this website Orthodoxy Save + Continue editingouth.net.

Church School/Religious Ed. Resources - Antiochian Department of Christian Education

Resources from Y2AM

Religious Education at Home - Greek Orthodox Archdiocese Dept. of Religious Education

St. John Chrysostom - Encouraging Quotes in Times of Sorrow - Romanian Orthodox Church

Resources for Families

Non-verbal Prayer in Time of Pandemic Crisis - Summer Kinard

Realistic Ways for Parents and Families to Cope with Being Stuck at Home - Purdue University

Orthodox Christian E-Books - Ancient Faith Ministries 

Resources for Orthodox Care-Givers

The Orthodox Christian Association of Medicine, Psychology and Religion - Resources for Orthodox Care-Givers